Victoria, British Columbia
Per PVSA of 1886, had to stop at a foreign port, Victoria, the capital of British Columbia. A beautiful City. Date: Saturday, May 30.

Diane dwarfed by Golden Princess


Fort Victoria Sign


Heraldic O'Regan Coaster

2015-05-30-Float plane taking off in Victoria.jpg

Seaplane taking off

2015-05-30-Government Street-looking back at Parliament.jpg

Government Street

2015-05-30-Seagull flying close to the ship as it left Victoria.jpg

Seagull buzzing ship

2015-05-30-Seagull flying in for a closer view leaving Victoria.jpg

Seagull closing in

2015-05-30-Seagull with Victoria in the background.jpg

Seagull in Victorie

2015-05-30-Stripe-headed sparrow in Victoria.jpg

Stripe headed sparrow

2015-05-30-Topiary in Victoria.jpg


British Columbia Parliment Building.jpg

British Columbia Parliment Bldg



David by the Empress Hotel .jpg

David by Empress Hotel

David the seafarer.jpg

David Seafarer from Hull

Empress Hotel.jpg

Empress Hotel in distance

Sailing Ship.jpg

Sailing ship

Sea Planes.jpg

Sea Planes

Sue at rest.jpg

Sue at rest

Water Taxi.jpg

Water Taxi


Yacht, Steve Ballmer's, maybe?